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If this role excites you, please send an email to with a brief paragraph on why you are interested in this position with your resume attached as a pdf. Thank you!

Hello, Brand GM!

Gateway X is looking for a GM to lead its first DTC brand.  This person will work closely with the Founder & CEO to build a brand from the ground up.  This will include: 1) Strategy - developing a clear future vision, understanding the market and having a POV on the customer problem, 2) 360 degree entrepreneurial execution - driving all functions including marketing, engineering, design, logistics and supply chain, 3) Leadership - recruiting and leading a team of infinite learners who will be the next GMs of GX. 

What You’ll Do

  • Build like an entrepreneur -- Envision and define the future vision for a product that serves a customer.  Build the plan that will bring this vision to life.  Tenaciously and iteratively bring the people and resources together to build.  Become a vertical expert and constantly find ways to get 1% better every day.  Create clear and strong capabilities/competitive advantages (beyond core culture) around marketing, tech, data, customer experience/acquisition.  Think innovatively. Be oriented towards disruption, challenge convention and be comfortable with experiments/failure.

  • Inspire & lead people to be the best version of themselves -- Recruit, Inspire, mentor and build a talented, highly engaged and high-performing team.  Create a unique culture of entrepreneurship and adaptability that consistently thinks big and looks for unconventional solutions to real problems.  Create a clear vision with goals and alignment across the team and all stakeholders.  Lead with action and “walk the walk” as an unquestionable role model.  Think bigger around building the entire culture and platform for GX.

  • Run things like a CEO -- Know the P&L inside out, own the numbers and know the inputs and levers to drive growth.  Balance short-term financial goals with medium and longer-term brand needs and growth plans.  Own results and drive accountability for yourself and every level of the team.  Break down large strategic initiatives into clear, phased project plans with a focus on: size / impact, creating measurable goals, required resourcing, detailed workstreams, milestones, check-ins and decisions, trade-offs.

What You’ll Bring:

  • Exceptional leadership in fluid environments: Demonstrated ability to attract world class talent, enable them to achieve their potential, invest and mentor them, ensure they are focused on the most important parts of the business and collaborate well with each other. Able to adapt leadership style to different people and situations.  

  • Highly empathetic: Deeply understand your team, your customers, your and your stakeholders. You put yourself in their shoes, you appreciate them, you want to learn about them and what motivates them and take action to improve their experiences and get the best out of them.  A desire to help people learn and grow.

  • Results oriented: Set clear, and ambitious goals, and hold yourself and your team to the highest standard to achieve those goals.  Able to distill complex facts into clear strategy and recommendations

  • Strong Decision-Maker: Mix analytical perspective, customer understanding and intuition to make hard decisions in the face of ambiguity. You clearly explain and contextualize your decisions so that people understand them and can learn from them.  

  • Highly entrepreneurial and adaptable: someone who thinks big but can act small.  You are resourceful, tenacious and a driver of change.  You thrive with a blank canvas

  • Clear communicator: Able to synthesize complex problems into clear ideas and tailor messages and communicate clearly to diverse audiences. You also go out of your way to explain things to people so they understand your thinking and can learn from it. 

  • Creative problem solver: Willing to be highly resourceful to develop creative solutions to complex problems, and help teams overcome their most challenging roadblocks

  • Fun: take your work seriously but never yourself, able to laugh and play while at work

  • Infinite learner: You lead with curiosity, get excited to discover and always look to get better

  • Experience: Bachelor’s degree from a top university with a quantitative major; 5-7 years experience across startups, quantitative analysis, performance marketing, tech, financial services, consulting, or DTC brands



  • Competitive salary with bonus and equity

  • 100% Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage

  • 401(K) with match

  • Life and AD&D coverage

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Flexible Spending Account benefits

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