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If this role excites you, please send an email to with a brief paragraph on why you are interested in this position with your resume attached as a pdf. Thank you!

Hello, Brand Manager!

Gateway X is looking for a Brand Manager to help us build, brand, and market our newest product, Unbloat!

About us:

Gateway X is a venture studio and holding company founded by Jesse Pujji.  We build and launch companies from scratch.  Each company has a unique insight and we are building both B2C and B2B companies. Our purpose is to help people learn, grow and be the best versions of themselves through the journey of entrepreneurship. We value being fast, data-driven, customer centric and adaptable in our approach. We are committed to building one of the most important companies in the DTC revolution. We will be a profitable, long-term organization with an extraordinary culture and several unique winning brands. Founded in 2021, Gateway X is proudly based in St. Louis, MO., and will embrace a hybrid office/remote work approach.


About Unbloat:

As many as a third of women suffer persistent daily bloating.  (Bloating is searched more often than Erectile Dysfunction!)  The causes are diverse, but now there is a single solution: Unbloat.  Unbloat is the first daily supplement that reliably battles all the major root causes of daily bloating.  Developed with the support of a top GI doctor, it combines digestive enzymes, probiotics, fiber, magnesium, and natural herbal remedies in a simple daily pill.  It’s a product designed to help busy modern women overcome a serious physical, medical, and emotional problem - and make the most of their day, every day.  It’s a product that helps people feel better, look better, and perform better; and it requires a high-quality brand and a high-caliber marketing campaign to convey that to customers.  In the future we foresee potentially rolling out additional products under the “Un” brand - but for the coming year Unbloat will likely be the sole product we market.

About the role:

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Develop an overall brand strategy for Unbloat.

  • Perform customer research: get deep into the minds and experiences of women who suffer persistent bloating, understand the customer journey and life cycle in detail, and distill learnings into insights which shape product, messaging, and media strategies.

  • Oversee visual design relating to the product, including logo, bottle/label, packaging, and photo/video assets.

  • Influence certain key aspects of product development, including improvements to formulation, bottling, and instructions for use.

  • Oversee the brand’s websites and landing pages, closely monitoring their performance, and optimizing for conversion over time. 

  • Oversee organic social media presence, including establishing high-level strategy, selecting influencers, analyzing performance, and managing external contractors.  

  • Write great copy, including new landing pages, ad content, email content, etc. 

  • Work closely with our Growth Marketing Lead to monitor performance and suggest and implement tests which boost sales or create value for the brand. 

The Brand Manager will report directly to the brand’s General Manager, and will work closely with the entire Gateway X team, including founder and CEO Jesse Pujji.


Location is flexible for this role.  The Unbloat team will work remotely three weeks per month, and work together in St. Louis one week per month.

About You:

  • Experience: The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree from a top university and at least five years of work experience, including at least some of the following experiences and skills:

    • 2+ years in management consulting, banking, or an equivalent fast-paced, analytical environment

    • 2+ years in CPG industry or working in support of a consumer-facing brand 

    • Ownership of a brand, product, or service line 

  • Startup experience or evidence of entrepreneurial spirit (evidence that you have brought projects “from zero to one” and have a “whatever it takes” attitude)

  • Project management expertise: you have a record of setting ambitious project objectives, determining a clear road map, and using a mix of formal tools and informal influence tactics to drive success of initiatives.

  • Visual and creative skills: you are naturally gifted at basic graphic design, have good taste and would enjoy putting your strong aesthetic sense to use in support of a supplement brand.

  • Deep empathy: you have the ability to understand customers, put yourself in their shoes, convey how they feel, and improve their experiences.

  • Strong decision-making skills: you are able to use a combination of analytical perspective and strategic thinking, while clearly explaining and contextualizing your decisions so that people understand them and can learn from them.

  • Entrepreneurial orientation: You are resourceful and curious; you thrive on a blank canvas; you have a bias to action; and you have a proven ability to solve complex, nonlinear problems.

  • Excellent writing skills, including, ideally, writing marketing copy for prior brands.

  • Proven analytical ability, including, ideally, media performance analysis.

  • Results orientation: you set clear and ambitious goals, and hold yourself and your team to the highest standard to achieve those goals.

  • Fun: you take your work seriously but you are able to laugh, play, and enjoy yourself while at work.

  • Infinite learner: You lead with curiosity, get excited to discover and always look to improve your performance over time.



  • Competitive salary with bonus and equity

  • 100% Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage

  • 401(K) with match

  • Life and AD&D coverage

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Flexible Spending Account benefits

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