We take entrepreneurs from aspiring to unstoppable


Gateway X is where aspiring entrepreneurs go pro. We co-create and partner with founders to find traction and profitability over funding.

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Why Gateway X

Grow a business. Grow yourself.

Our purpose is to help people grow, learn and reach their highest potential through the power of business and entrepreneurship.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Jesse Pujji, Gateway X was created to provide a better way to start the entrepreneurial journey.

When you co-found with us, we stack the odds in your favor from day one by leveraging our customer acquisition expertise, vast network, and experience as an entrepreneur.

Bootstrap with us

Grow with profits not funding

Businesses can be bootstrapped, profitable, and ambitious at the same time

People over capital

Founders, team, and customers are the most important stakeholders in business

Start with your advantages

Apply your unique skills, network, and knowledge to choose the right game to play

Entrepreneurship is a craft

Being an entrepreneur and CEO is a skillset and anyone can learn it

What you get

Your fast track to validation and profitable growth

Our unique experience, operating playbooks, and expansive network accelerate speed to profitable growth.  


Gain traction - faster

More than warm intros, we sell and market with you. You’ll land dream customers, reach the right people, and develop a winning go-to-market motion faster than you could imagine.


Focus on results - not the minutia

We provide expertise, empathy, initial capital, and join you in the trenches so you're not bogged down by anything that isn’t selling or building. Let us help you keep your eyes on the prize, while we handle the rest.


Control your own destiny

Spend more time delivering value to customers and less time chasing your next funding round. We apply profitable constraints from day one to drive creative problem solving and impact oriented prioritization.


A commitment to you

We invest time in you, not just your business, so you can be the best version of yourself for your business.  Aside from meaningful equity, every Gateway X leader receives regular coaching, community, and feedback.

Our process

Build the company you were meant to build

The path to infinite runway starts with you. We provide the playground -  including initial capital and selling horsepower -  to accelerate untapped ideas in markets we know best.


We match promising founders with the vetted ideas they were meant to build


We iterate and expedite delivering the right solution to market using studio unfair advantages


You break through the noise to find real signal and reach profitability quickly


You become an unstoppable entrepreneur while we evolve with your growth needs

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