Masters of 0 to 1. Partners for 1 and beyond.

Jesse sold his first company for 8 figures, but his greatest takeaways from the sale were his personal development discoveries and a life purpose of being a coach to other entrepreneurs. Read more

Bootstrap with us
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The #1 platform for entrepreneurship, adaptability, and personal growth


Gateway X will attract hundreds of bright, aspiring entrepreneurs to learn and grow through our unique process of entrepreneurship and company building.  This is our way.

A unique, consistent culture and operating playbook

We cultivate environments where entrepreneurship thrives. A winning, shared culture across ventures defined by learning, resilience, and boundless curiosity.

An array of unfair advantages 

We will create capabilities unmatched - developing our unique knowledge, expertise, and networks - to win at every game we play, and outshine the competition.

A portfolio of ambitious and profitable businesses

We aim to build bootstrapped giants - companies that are both ambitious and profitable, growing large over a long period of time with their own profits.


We’re all in with you

Beyond initial capital, we’re your co-founders bringing customer acquisition, growth engineering, and operational expertise to go from idea to profitable growth in a snap.

Jesse Pujji
Jesse Pujji

Chief executive officer

Shonak “Nak” Patel
Shonak “Nak” Patel

Chief Operating officer

Adam Brakhane
Adam Brakhane

Chief technical officer

Customer Acquisition

Leadership Coaching

Finance & Operations

Technology Enablement

Demand Generation

Strategy & Planning

& Tax

Talent & Recruiting


We don't graduate you. We grow with you.

Unlike traditional venture studios, incubators, or accelerators, Gateway X is intentionally designed to scale both ventures and leaders.

Holding Company

Our focus on traction and profits, not funding rounds, enables us to build and hold ventures for the long term

Venture Studio

We ideate, validate, and sell with you on the path to predictable revenue and growth

Training Ground

We put learning and growth first, creating the best environment for sustained entrepreneurial practice

Bootstrap with us
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Enjoy the climb

We build lifelong relationships while building great companies

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1% better, everyday

Our purpose is to help people grow, learn and reach their highest potential through the power of entrepreneurship. These are the values that will guide you as your growth unfolds.

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Carolyn talking

Act like an owner

  • You create clear agreements and honor your word
  • You invest the company’s money & time with an ROI mindset
  • You take 100% responsibility for inputs and outcomes
  • You rigorously zoom into fine details and zoom back up to the big picture
  • You make decisions with imperfect information
  • You proactively drive improvement and successful customer wins
Shonak and Carolyn working on a laptop

Move fast Learn things

  • You reduce complex problems to bite-sized chunks
  • You prioritize action over debate
  • You care about finding the right thing over being right
  • You demonstrate depth on details and data in service of faster and better decision making
  • You consistently define, test, and iterate on hypotheses that yield change
  • You take risks and embrace failure in pursuit of new learning
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Proactive honesty

  • You practice honoring yourself- “If it’s not heck yes it’s a no!”
  • You speak your truth and reveal your feelings while inviting others to do the same
  • You proactively request what you need from teammates, feedback or support, to be at your best
  • You embrace “not knowing” and are specific about what would help create clarity
  • You proactively communicate mistakes, task status, and delays with everyone affected