What we look for

A co-founder that invests in you

We support you with labor and love for the long haul. Our entrepreneurs range from experienced operators on their first entrepreneurial journey to founders looking for another swing.


Open-minded, curious, and growth-oriented— you embrace new ideas, pro-actively seek feedback, and have unparalleled learning velocity to create compounded growth.


Coachability is about the person changing themselves, adaptability is about their ability to deal with external changes.  You zoom in and out quickly, connecting dots, and easily adjusting on the fly.

Entrepreneurial rigor

The best entrepreneurs leverage hustle and rigor, simultaneously. Hustle is about moving fast, using imagination, being bold, and tenacious. Rigor is being data-driven, using logical reasoning, and reflecting.

Unfair advantages

With unique expertise, deep knowledge, and a strong network, an entrepreneurial mind leverages what sets them apart to gain an edge and outshine the competition.

Owner’s mindset

Accountable, proactive, and decisive—a true owner who takes 100% responsibility of their actions, actively seeks opportunities, and makes decisions in pursuit of learning.

work with us

Shape the future of D2C

We are continually building out new ideas, transforming D2C and digital marketing. It’s only possible with exceptional, talented people on our core team, as founders, and as employees at our growing companies.

Master your craft
Master your craft

We're all growing as professionals and getting exposed to new things every single day. Personal growth and learning is paramount at Gateway X, regardless of your job function or level of seniority.

Do your best work
Do your best work

We offer hybrid work support, unlimited PTO, trips to our HQ in STL, and competitive pay across all Gateway X companies. We believe businesses are meant to serve our teams and customers over capital.

Grow from within
Grow from within

We establish a shared, unique and winning culture across Gateway X companies that creates mobility opportunities across all GX companies to constantly reach new levels of growth.

Bootstrapper's bootcamp
Bootstrapper's bootcamp

Want to start a company one day? We’re the best place to learn how to do it. By working within a Gateway X company you learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship from the front-lines surrounded by a supportive ecosystem each day.

partner with us

It takes a village

We’re always building our circle of world-class partners - freelancers, agencies, and firms -  to help our founders and companies grow.

Capital partners

We seek strategic financial partners who can help our companies get the resources they need to flourish and push new limits. 

Technology partners

We look for tools that give our teams superpowers and create efficiency at the same time. 

Service partners

 We look for experts who can elevate our game – be it marketing, legal, or consulting. Our service partners act as an extension of our team.

Talent partners

Finding great talent is an endless pursuit and we surround ourselves with experts to get the right people in the right seats fast.